If you’ve been curious to try a liquid drop mattifier, you can start with this affordable one

If you’ve wanted to try a liquid drop mattifier but found the cost prohibitive, Hard Candy’s got you covered.

For those of us of the oily persuasion, this is excellent news. The beauty brand’s new Glamouflauge Mix-In Drops in Turn Me Matte are a fraction of the cost of similar products on the market. A literal fraction — at $6 a pop they’re one-seventh of the cost of the Cover FX Custom Blot Drops ($42 at Sephora.) Okay, that’s enough math — on to the product!

Hard Candy is expanding their existing Glamoflage foundation line with Turn Me Matte. The super versatile drops can be used alone or added to your moisturizer or foundation to create a flawless, matte finish. Leave the powder behind! The neutral, colorless drops will blend with any makeup shade. They’ll help control oil all day and reduce the appearance of pores.


As their Instagram bio states, Hard Candy is “Beauty & Style with Attitude!” We’ve always loved that they provide affordable versions of the hottest beauty and makeup trends without sacrificing quality. The drops are dropping (yes, this is a pun) next month exclusively at Walmart stores and online.

Mix-ins (like these pigment drops) are the wave of the future!

For the record, we’re not throwing shade at the Cover FX drops (we’re big fans of all of their stuff!) If you end up loving the Hard Candy version, you can always try the higher end version at some point.

Purchase Hard Candy Glamouflauge Mix-In Drops in Turn Me Matte at Walmart for $6 come March!