If you’re stressed out today, feast your eyes on these most adorable baby animals

Today is a day of LOTS of emotions, and no matter whether you’re totally depressed or totally over-the-moon about how the election turned out, it’s been a pretty stressful election season for EVERYONE.

But let’s not forget that there is a lot of good in the world. And adorableness, like baby animals to soothe your troubled mind! Seriously, whether we’re looking at the cutest animals we never knew existed or baby animals who think they can fly, there’s something so comforting about innocent little creatures who only ask to be cuddled and loved unconditionally — a request we’re happy to fulfill!

So if you’re feeling stressed and confused, feast your eyes on these beautiful things. Naturally, let’s start with a kitten because everybody knows cats rule the Internet.

More cats?

And a spirited puppy dog?


Another puppy?


Sweet bunnies?

MORE bunnies?


Hamster in a sweater!


Hopefully this has given you a few moments of welcome distraction from the the event that’s probably been weighing heavily on your mind.

If you are a pet-parent, give your furry one a big squeeze! And if not, grab your significant other or BFF, because we’re all banding together.

What’s that, you want more cute-as-pie animals? Well OKAY if you insist.

Animal love forever and always!