If you’re still not over the glory of Pumpkin Spice, Sugarpill Cosmetics is coming out with a lip color you will LOVE

If you are someone who holds fast and strong your right to guzzle down the sugary caffeine of a Pumpkin Spice latte without defending or deprecating your love of fall flavors (however cliché they may be considered), then you’ll be overjoyed that Sugarpill Cosmetics’ new lip color channels a shimmery moonlit pumpkin shade. It’s straight out of your autumn dreams, and you’ll be taking tons of selfies rocking Sugar Pill’s new festive hue, while you sip on your latte.

Considering the fact that they’ve previously released a donut-scented lip shade, it makes complete sense that Sugarpill Cosmetics is launching a holiday lip color flavored like the harmless, yet culturally polarizing gourd.

According to their Instagram, the new limited edition holiday hue  will be launching tomorrow (December 14th) at noon! So if you’re hoping to gloss up with some pumpkin spice, you can do it sooner than later.

This color is solidly pretty, but does it taste like your Starbucks drink? And, does it exude that Michael Bublé Christmas mix playlist in your local coffee shop? We will find out soon enough!

While they may be jumping on the bandwagon now, Sugarpill Cosmetics is certainly not alone in pumpkin trend. There’s already pumpkin spice latte highlighters , a pumpkin spice hair trend, and a pumpkin spice lip balm!

The slightly irrational, yet understandable cultural obsession with Pumpkin Spice can now live on through your lipstick.

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