If you’re not big on lip liner, good news — you’ll be able to get these Kylie Lip Kits as singles

All too often the excitement of newly-released cosmetics can be overshadowed by how much money you’re forced to spend on a set or how many goodies you won’t use. For those of us who love lipstick but don’t love liner, you can now buy Kylie Lip Kits as singles and save money while getting the Kylie Lip Kit liquid lipstick goodness your heart desires! It’s a true ~best of both worlds~ for those looking to spice up their makeup rack without racking up too many products they know they won’t use, plus, the colors are on point as usual.

A post on the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram revealed that four shades of singles will be available for individual sale on Friday at 3pm!

The shades in the new deal are some of her bestsellers: Kourt K, Ginger, Kristen and Maliboo!


Now we can start the weekend off with a new Kylie Lip Kit single! That is, if we haven’t bought all of them already.


Don’t forget, when these deals drop it’s crucial to buy them before the Kylie Lip Kits sell out, even when sold in single form Kylie’s products fly off the shelves (or internet shelves).

After all, the first female presidential nominee might even be a lip kit fan.

This just gives us another reason to look forward to the weekend.