If you’re an avid sheet mask user, Facetory is a dreamy subscription service

If you are one of the many who love placing cold, soothing sheet masks on your face before taking a cat nap or diving into Netflix, there is a dreamy monthly subscription service specifically catered to your needs. The new skincare subscription service, known as FaceTory, is a glorious refillable well of sheet masks being delivered to your door by a loving and understanding mail woman.

How exactly does it work? Well, first off, you have to sign up for the monthly subscription (it only costs $4.95 per month). Second, you should probably peruse all your favorite Korean face masks and enter your happy place of wearing a sheet mask in preparation for your monthly subscription box.

Then, once you’ve paid and emotionally prepared yourself, get ready to receive a monthly allotment of 4 to 7 sheet masks you can bathe your precious face in.

Each month will provide you with a new cornucopia of soothing surprises.

If you’re feeling shy about the commitment, you can also buy masks individually through the FaceTory online shop.

It’s a trap, but we’re somehow okay with that.

Just think about how chill your face could be, forever and ever.

We feel moisturized and relaxed even just reading about this subscription.

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