If you want to watch David Lynch eating a donut, watch the latest “Twin Peaks” trailer

Hey, listen up Showtime. We’re tired of these games! We want a Twin Peaks revival release date already! Showtime’s most recent teaser trailer for the revival of the ’90s cult classic television show features a suited up David Lynch savoring a glazed donut. His hair is quaffed and his hearing aid is in place, so that can only mean one thing. Unlike the choppy interviews with cast and crew members Showtime has uploaded to YouTube, alongside intriguingly beautiful Twin Peaks location montages, this newly released video makes some sense. We can easily gather that writer, director and mastermind behind the cult television show will return as his character, Gordon Cole in the revival.

A slowed down version of the theme song plays over Lynch and his donut. Like everything else Lynch does, this clip keeps you confused and wanting more.


This video arrived exactly one year after the first Twin Peaks revival hint video was released. That clip was a montage of the northwestern waterfalls, mountains, trees, and most importantly, the “Welcome to Twin Peaks” sign going back into place. The description written below the video unveiled that the series was back in production.

The description ends with, “Twenty-five years later, the story continues…” Did anyone else get chills, or…?


Then in late September, we got the first official teaser trailer starring Twin Peaks composer, Angelo Badalamenti playing his iconic Twin Peaks theme song. Our beloved Laura Palmer appears with the title at the end of the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHRARCb4APA

The only thing we know about the revival is that most of the original cast and crew are set to return, and the series is slated to be released sometime in 2017. We suppose if we have already waited 25 years for Twin Peaks to make a comeback, then we can wait another few months.

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