If you want everything you own to be covered in glitter, you’ll love Sigma Beauty’s Nightlife brush set

It’s no surprise that we LOVE glitter, but sometimes it can be hard to contain since it gets on pretty much everything! Lucky for us, there is a new way to add glitter to our beauty routine without dropping a single speck or ever running out of product. We know what you’re thinking — WITCHCRAFT! But no, Sigma has encased our favorite sparkly addition in their line of Nightlife makeup brushes.

Glitter has been an earmark of the night since before womankind. Hello, stars and galaxies! But over time the glitter we have known to love has historically been tied to the nightlife as well. From Studio 54 to NYE 2016, Glitter means PARTY, and these Sigma brushes are a party for your face.

The Sigma Nightlife Brush Set, which is part of a line from Brazilian beauty blogger Camilia Coehlo, contains every tool you need for a fabulous night out: The E15 Flat Definer, E55 Eye Shading, E25 Blending, F35 Tapered Highlight, and F40 Large Angled Contour Brushes. The dark handles make for a ~sophisticated~ backdrop for the blue and green glitter, and the set is limited edition, so spend that holiday money now! The Nightlife brushes will set you back $88, but that comes out to under $20 a brush. Besides, you can really put a price on the joy of glitter.


The iridescent color scheme reminds us of mermaid tails and galactic princesses!


Sigma provides a free two-year warranty on all brushes, which means we can use these babies without a care until NYE 2018!

Plus, we get a free gift with purchases over $30 and that means more presents!

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