If you think of the next Oreo flavor, you could win $500,000, so start brainstorming

Oreo seems to be set on changing up their classic cookie (even though the original is obviously the best). They want new flavors so badly, the company is offering $500,000 for the next big Oreo flavor idea. That’s half a million dollars to brainstorm a cookie. People are already submitting ideas, like blue raspberry or even BBQ, and some of them might be hard to beat. (Key lime sounds like a winner.)

There are a couple ways to enter your idea, the easiest being on social media using the hashtag #MyOreoCreation and #Contest. But if you don’t want all of your followers to know that you’re trying to name the next Oreo (we understand), you can also text your idea to 59526 or wait until later this month for their online submission form to go live. You have until July 14th to come up with a new idea and the winners will be announced in August.

Oreo will pick three winners based on taste appeal, creativity, and originality and then do a limited run of each one, allowing customers to pick the real winner — that’s who will get the half a million. But the all of the finalists will get a $25,000 prize, so there are no real losers here.

Here are a few ideas people have already submitted.


Oreo is really on a roll with trying to diversify their cookie biz. This month, they launched a line of “Firework Oreos,” which contain popping candy in the cream — like Pop Rocks from back in the day. It’s a literal party in your mouth. These are limited edition, too, just like watermelon Oreos (meh) and the Swedish fish versions. After that rollout, Oreo said in a statement:

It’s true — we never though anyone would think about a BBQ flavored Oreo. But for half a million? There are no bad ideas.