If you have big boobs and can’t find a good sports bra, don’t worry — Ashley Graham has got you covered

Model and body activist Ashley Graham is a beacon of light when it comes to body positivity, self-esteem, and supporting women. She proudly stands up for herself and others in an industry that can be quite difficult for women who don’t conform to fashion’s rigid beauty standards. She also loves to help a sister out, as she did on her Instagram when she let us in on her favorite sports bra brand, Enell! Working out can be a bit of a drag, but it’s definitely easier when you’ve got cute and comfy workout gear that you can throw on and feel good in!

Ashley knows that what women need is comfort as well as support, as proven by this adorable video!

Could she be any cuter?

We took a look-see around Enell’s site, and we are loving what we see!

The Enell Sport looks pretty perfect for all you athletes out there!


It’s available for $64 to $66, here.

The Enell Lite is pretty ideal for everyday workouts, and we love the pink option!


Available for $77 to $79.

From the looks of Enell’s Instagram, women love these sports bras!

It’s such a relief to find companies that cater to a wider range of body types and actually provide clothing that is well-made as well as stylish! We can’t thank you enough for the tip, Ashley!

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