If you ever experienced the horror of overplucking your brows, this Instagram will make you LOL

If you and your eyebrows have ever fallen prey to overplucking, this Instagram account will surely make you laugh, cry, and shiver with both embarrassment and sympathy@historyofoverplucking is a visual reminder of a time long before the thick, luxe brows of this decade.

One ’90s trend that hasn’t made as triumphant a return as flannel, baby doll dresses, dark lipstick, and Doc Martens is the super skinny brow. Those of us who lived through the beauty looks of the era are well familiar with the pencil-thin style that claimed victims such as beach babe Pamela Anderson, rapper Foxy Brown, and free-spirit It Girl Drew Barrymore.


Of course, super thin brows weren’t just a ’90s thing. The 1920s, ’30s, and ’70s also reflected the trend (and the 1970s version of 1930s style, as seen in many films of the time.)  Not to mention the Elizabethan and Renaissance eras and even more ancient times. The way trends come back around, we’re sure the cool girls of the next few years will be rocking this steez eventually, such is the nature of beauty and fashion.


Behold, laugh, and cringe at the brows of the past:

We hope these brows won’t be making a Renaissance.


“Razors pain you, rivers are damp, Dorothy Parker plucked like a champ.”


We WANT to be down with these brows…we swear we’re trying….


The daisy goes great with these arches.


These brows are sharper than Barb Wire.


A real American Beauty.


“Don’t Speak” to me or my tweezers ever again.


She’s crying because it HURTS to remove that much brow.


If this beauty trend to make its way back to modern times, let’s just hope our tweezers are strong enough.

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