If you don’t have a bacon toaster in your kitchen, you aren’t living your best life

The bacon craze is taking over again it again — listen up bacon lovers! Throw your worries about cooking your bacon to perfection out the window. Nostaglia Electronics has created a bacon toaster, the Bacon Express to get those perfect pieces of bacon without all of the hassle and the mess. With the Bacon Express looks like a toaster oven, but it’s actually a grill. You can lay up to six pieces of bacon across the heating element and with the dial you can adjust the heat, depending on the thickness of the bacon. You can also argue that this grill makes your bacon habit healthier by because it has a tray in the bottom to collect grease so your bacon isn’t laying in it as it cooks. Smart right? According to its makers, you simply open it up and lay your meat on the grill, and just wait for crispy and mouth-watering bacon.


Also this grill makes sure that your bacon doesn’t shrivel up into a sad mess. That means better BLTs, breakfast sandwiches, and overall more deliciousness. It also means that you can have bacon whenever you want! Breakfast, lunch, or dinner —it doesn’t matter! When you have a bacon grill, you can make bacon for you or your friends (if you feel like sharing) at any time. You can buy this magical toaster grill on Amazon for about $40, which is totally worth it if you’re in love with bacon. Treat yourself!