If you can’t take off for today’s Women’s Strike, here are 7 other ways you can show your support

As you probably have already heard, today is International Women’s Day, and many women across the nation are participating in “A Day Without A Woman” (aka The Women’s Strike) in an attempt to illustrate just how important women are to the fabric of our society.

Several school districts across the country have shut down because so many teachers and school administrators are participating in the strike, and we’ve not even begun to see the full impact of the day nationwide.

However, the reality is not all women are in a position to strike today, even if they are in full solidarity with the movement and the message behind it. If you’re one of those women (and if so, trust us, we get it) there are still absolutely ways you can support the movement without marching or striking. Here are some of the top tips from our friends at Upworthy.


1Wear red

Red is the official color of today’s strike, so just making an effort to wear some red is a super visible sign that you support the women who have taken off, even if you weren’t able to yourself. And already at work (and not wearing red?). No worries! Grab the closest tube of red lipstick!

2Don’t buy anything

For better or worse, spending power sends a big message to the people at the top. When women decide not to spend money, the economy (and government) will feel it. Remind them just how much power we have by withholding your dollars today!

3Dine out at a female-owned restaurant

If you must spend money today, try to do so at female-owned restaurants or small-business in your area. That way you’ll directly be supporting other local women.

4Stream movies by female filmmakers

Women are infamously underrepresented behind-the-camera in the film industry (not to mention, experience huge pay gaps all around). Show that female filmmakers and artists have value — and are in demand — by streaming a film by one tonight.

5Call or write your representatives

Contact your local representatives today and remind them that you prioritize things like access to health care, wage equality, and paid maternity leave. Our representatives work for us, and it always helps for them to know where we stand!

6Donate menstrual pads and tampons to a local women’s shelter

This is probably one of the most overlooked ways you can directly and immediately help another woman. Just imagine: It’s your time of the month and you don’t have this most basic of necessities. You can even ask your friends to donate to a “menstrual pad” fund if they’re looking for ways to help, too!

7Contribute to a women’s group or nonprofit of your choosing

It can be easy to forget the power of a simple donation. Use today as a reminder to donate to a group or organization that helps women — whether it be in your community, nationally, or worldwide. Use the money you would have spent on takeout, or on a few cups of coffee, and pay it forward to other women.

While the reality is we’re not all able to participate in today’s strike, we absolutely can still participate in ways to improve the lives of women. Do you have any of your own tips to share? Let us know!