If you and your S.O. (or BFF) are down to move to an EXTREMELY remote Tasmanian Island, you’ll get a house *and* a job

If you’ve been looking for a way to get the heck out of America, you may be in luck — a Tasmanian island will give any couple who moves there a house and a job for six months. Those of us who don’t have significant others can apply with a friend — but choose your application buddy carefully because you’ll be spending a whole lot of quality time together on a remote island. (There’s no Internet or TV, so really think this through.)

If you’re cool with unplugging and relatively confident that your relationship can weather six months on Maatsuyker Island, Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service is looking for couples to be caretakers of the island for the next two years.

The caretakers will only be able to leave the island if there’s an emergency — but one look at these amazing views, and we’re already tempted to apply.

If you head to the “sometimes wet and often windswept island” with your other half or your best friend, you’ll be responsible for maintenance of grounds, buildings, and plants on the island. Plus, the Bureau of Meteorology will train and pay you to carry out daily weather observations.

The caretakers will only get one resupply visit, but there’s a vegetable garden (there’s no time like the present to learn how to grow your own food, right?) and the intrepid pair will have a beautiful 19th century four-bedroom house to themselves.

If you’re feeling adventurous (and confident that you have a significant other or BFF who you’ll still love after this six-month getaway), hurry up and apply here — applications are due on January 30th.

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