If Sparticus and Other Historical Figures Wrote Autobiographies

My brother and I play this game where we come up with the titles for the fictitious autobiographies written by famous historical figures. In unrelated news: We are both single.

Some are fun, some are funny, some are informative, some are misinformed, some don’t make sense (most don’t make sense) but, no matter what, they are always rooted in that ever-expanding intellectual playground known, affectionately, as history.

Here are a few of our literary concoctions:

I Owe How Much in Child Support?!?!

(And Other Inquiries of a Military Tactician)

By: Genghis Kahn

It Was Always a Penis

By: Sigmund Freud

An Examination

By: Socrates

Let’s Talk About the Elephant in the Room

By: Hannibal of Carthage

History: Go out there and make some for yourself– or at least Wikipedia it.