If Jouer Cosmetics’ new Rose Gold collection ends up looking exactly like its holographic packaging, we’re in for a real treat

J’adore anything and everything having to do with rose gold, so anytime a beauty brand decides to #bless us with a rose gold-themed collection, it’s like Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and our birthdays combined! Jouer is releasing a Rose Gold Collection with lipsticks and an eye palette that is sure to set our hearts aflame! What more could we possibly want for the impending spring?

We got a look at their Springtime in Paris Palette a few days ago, and now we know for sure that the Rose Gold Collection is part of their spring collection, which includes some seriously killer new lip products. And, hello, the packaging is gorgeous! Elegant, understated, and pretty as can be.

Jouer Cosmetics’ Rose Gold Collection will launch on April 4th, so not much longer now!

The collection includes the aforementioned Springtime in Paris Eyeshadow Palette, as well as a new Highlighter, Lip Topper, and Lip Creme.

Aren’t those swatches lovely? The shadows are all very intensely pigmented, and the metallic shades are positively radiant! We are digging that wide variety of hues in the palette, it’ll make it possible to get ultra-creative and come up with tons of different new looks.

No word yet on pricing, but we can assume that the lip creme will be in the same $18 range as their other shades and that the lip topper will be in the same $16 range as the rest of the line, as well!

We’ve got just over two weeks to wait for this lovely collection to spring forth, so for now, we’ll just have to make due with some beautiful Instagram inspiration.

Now these are some seriously covetable lips!

We’ll take one of each, please!

Is everyone stocked up on highlighters for the summer?

Talk about killer shades!

Be ready, because April 4th will make its way near before you even know it, and we don’t want to miss our chance to own this beautiful collection. Head on over to Jouer Cosmetics and take a gander at what they’re working with, you might want to start compiling a list so you’re ready to go once the Rose Gold Collection arrives!

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