If Halle Berry could play anybody in a movie it would be this political activist, so let’s make it happen

Halle Berry is an incredible actress who can play whatever role she pleases, okay? But it turns out she has a specific role in mind. So producers and directors, we hope you’re listening! At this year’s Essence Fest, Essence editor-in-chief Vanessa K. De Luca spoke to the ever-fearless Berry about her new movie, Kidnap. During their discussion, the actress dropped a hint at her dream role.

Berry casually mentioned a real-life person she’s been hoping to play on screen: inspiring feminist activist Angela Davis.

"There's one woman that I'd really like to play before I die and I'm not so sure it's going to happen," she said. "I'd really love to play Angela Davis."

Quick refresher: Angela Davis is a hugely important political activist, writer, and teacher who played a major role in the Civil Rights Movement. In the ’70s, she was arrested and incarcerated for 16 months, spurring the “Free Angela Davis” campaign. She has since become a major academic force and advocate for prison reform.

Here’s an excerpt from Davis’ powerful speech at this year’s Women’s March:

"The freedom struggles of black people that have shaped the very nature of this country's history cannot be deleted with the sweep of a hand. We cannot be made to forget that black lives do matter. This is a country anchored in slavery and colonialism, which means for better or for worse the very history of the United States is a history of immigration and enslavement. Spreading xenophobia, hurling accusations of murder and rape and building walls will not erase history. No human being is illegal."

Berry thinks Davis’ life is ripe for a biopic. She cited Davis’ strength and inspiration as a reason she’d want to play her on screen — even though Berry said her age might prevent that.

Berry has recently been in the news for talking about her 2002 Oscar win for Monster’s Ball. That year, she became the first black woman to win an Oscar for Best Actress — and she’s still the only black woman to win that award. Berry recently told Teen Vogue that between #OscarsSoWhite and the fact that no black woman has won the statue since, she’s questioning whether her own win had any effect at all on Hollywood’s diversity problem.

"I want to start directing. I want to start producing more. I want to start being a part of making more opportunities for people of color," she said.

Whether she stars as Davis or produces an eventual biopic (or both!), we know Berry will make that happen. After all, would you mess with Catwoman?

We think not.