This cover of Adele’s “Hello” is way relevant, and the internet is loving it

Friends, get ready to laugh out loud, but also learn a little something, because this viral video is way, way too relatable right now. This parody video of Adele’s major hit shows exactly what it would sound like if Adele’s Hello was about calling congress. Yep, that Hello, aka the song by our totally beloved Adele that will be stuck in our heads forevermore.

Created by non-profit organization Global Citizen, a “social action platform for a global generation that aims to solve the world’s biggest challenges,” the video is hilarious, but also so important, because at its core it’s a reminder to stay involved no matter what!

If Adele’s Hello was about calling congress, this is exactly what it would sound like.

TBH, these lyrics are way, way too relatable.

"Hello, can you hear me? I’ve never called Congress before, you know it’s pretty freakin scary. To lose my healthcare, have you no heart? Too many men making decisions that concern my lady parts. On this journey to ending poverty. It’s a million miles...

We knew we couldn’t be the only ones freaking out about every single call to congress. No matter how many we make, it never gets less scary! But we do it because we have to, obv.

And this lyric, like, LOL. Yeah, we wish we didn’t but we feel this too.

"Hello from the other side! If I have to, I’ll call a thousand times! Til you listen to us, we'll never leave you alone. But when I call Paul Ryan, he never seems to be home."

Regardless of how you feel about our current political climate, it’s hard to deny that parodies like these ones really do such a good job of making us laugh, but also reminding us about what really matters. More things like this, please!

H/T Bustle