The internet is freaking out over this Idris Elba doll that looks absolutely nothing like him

Capturing a celebrity’s likeness for a work of art or merchandise is always something of a gamble. While occasionally the end result is stunningly on-the-nose, like Mattel’s gorgeous Zendaya doll, more often than not they come out looking like that “Emma Watson as Justin Bieber” Beauty and the Beast creation. And it seems Idris Elba is the latest victim of celebrity-renderings-gone-wrong.

The Beasts of No Nation actor was recently immortalized in a new doll from British company Emperis, and the internet cannot stop laughing at how bafflingly bad it is. The company, which is selling the doll for £850 (or $1,100), seemingly attempted to capture Elba’s suave style…but honestly it looks more like Jafar in a suit. So like, not Idris.

This is what our reigning Sexiest Man Alive is supposed to look like?

People can’t get over the fact that the company not only approved the design, but is selling it for such a high price. For $1,100, we could pay to see Idris Elba’s real beautiful face in Hobbs and Shaw about 100 times when it debuts next summer.

Twitter’s general consensus is that the doll most closely resembles Weeds and A Million Little Things actor Romany Malco. A number of others think it looks like Montel Williams.

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One thing everyone could agree on: This doll is 100% not Idris Elba. Luckily, another season of Luther is on its way, so Elba himself may soon be on the case.

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