Idris Elba just got schooled on dating by some absolutely adorable little kids

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which means it’s time to brush up on your romance skills if they’re a little rusty. Even if you’re not out of practice, we can all use a little love advice — and so can Idris Elba, who recruited a crew of kids to help him get in the Valentine’s spirit.

In the video, Idris Elba is getting dating tips to prepare for his big night. In collaboration with Omaze, Elba’s raffling off a date with him and cupid. From the looks of this video, he wants to make it the best date ever.

That’s good, because we’re determined to be Idris Elba’s Valentine.

And honestly, we like the advice we’re hearing.

"You take the girl somewhere nice, like somewhere she likes, like a girl concert.... You pay for everything and you agree with everything she says."

They’ve also got words of wisdom on how to tell someone you like them, whether Idris should lean into the good guy or bad boy role, and what food you should order (not beans). Check it out.

The best part has got to be when one boy volunteers his mom to be Elba’s Valentine. Way to do mom a solid, little man.

“I’ve got a pretty good idea of what makes an absolutely romantic dinner for two,” Idris finishes in the video, “including drinks, dinner, and the criss cross dance.”

If you want in on that criss cross dance action, there’s only one way to do it. Enter the raffle for Idris Elba’s Valentine’s Day date.

We don’t know about you, but we’re in. After all, it’s for a good cause.

You can enter here for your chance to win.