Idina Menzel Will Bring ‘Frozen’ Love to the Oscars!

I’ve yet to meet a person who hasn’t fallen in love with Frozen – from the characters to the artwork to the incredibly catch music, it’s one of Disney’s best works to date. It’s captured the heart of all ages – from children to grandparents and everywhere in between – earned over $900 million at the box office worldwide and even garnered critical acclaim, like several nominations at this year’s Oscars.

While it most likely has both of its nominated categories on lock (or so we hope), now we’ve got an additional bit of Frozen-related goodness to look forward to come March 2nd: a live performance of ‘Let It Go’ by star Idina Menzel! Now that’s some good news! In fact, Idina herself is so excited, she’s already begun rehearsals for the big number!

We’re big fans of Idina and Frozen, so we can’t wait to see this! And just in case you need to brush up on your lyrics before the big event, here you go!