All of the YES: Idina Menzel’s new single “I See You” is the stuff dreams are made of

Idina Menzel first rocked our worlds in the ’90s with her portrayal of Maureen in the original Broadway cast of RENT and we’ve been madly in love with her since. We adored her in Glee, Enchanted, and of course we lost our minds when she voiced Elsa in Frozen and belted the bejeezus out of the Disney-Princess-Anthem-to-end-all-Disney-Princess-Anthems, the Academy Award-winning song, “Let it Go.” (Fun fact: According to BroadwayWorld, Menzel made history by being the first person to have a Tony Award for acting AND a Billboard Top 10. Get it, girl!)


Needless to say, when we hear that Menzel has a new project coming out we are already deep in the tank for whatever she’s doing.

And, because she’s a wonderful person, we do get a sneak preview in the form of a music video of one of the songs off the album, “I See You.” It’s cry-worthy pop ballad celebrating “the lonely, the broken-hearted,” AKA, all of us at one point or another.

We’re so in love with music video.

Seriously, when you’re as talented as Menzel, you don’t need a lot of production value, because your voice sent from heaven above and your stone-cold acting chops ARE the production value.


We can’t wait for the full album!