Idina Menzel loved this boy’s rendition of “Let It Go” so much, she let him sing it twice

We don’t know about you, but we still have Frozen fever. (Is Frozen 2 here yet?) Idina Menzel loves the movie too — and while singing Frozen songs on stage, she may have found the next Broadway star! At a show in Grand Prarie, Texas, a young boy named Luke Chacko participated in a Frozen singalong with Menzel. And he was good.

Chacko chose the to sing the chorus of “Let it Go,” and everyone was completely floored.

Menzel was so impressed, she had him sing it twice. This boy definitely has a lot of natural talent! He was able to take the chorus of the super popular song from Frozen and added his own flair to it.

Chacko’s voice is so impressive, and the look on Menzel’s face is priceless. You seriously have to watch his Broadway-worthy performance with Menzel for yourself!

At one point, Menzel quiets the crowd so she can hear him better!

"Can you all just shut up for a minute and let him sing it again?...You’re not hearing all the subtleties because you’re screaming, and that’s ok, but now do it again."

Chacko can sure hit those notes! When someone impresses Idina Menzel with their voice, we definitely should be all impressed. That boy has some star power!

Can someone sign up Chacko for the next Broadway hit? We’re calling it right now: This kid is going to be legendary.

We don’t know what the future holds for Chacko, but we are crossing our fingers and our toes that it involves him singing on stage. Maybe on the stage of the Broadway adaption of Frozen? As Olaf perhaps?Or maybe he’ll make a vocal appearance in Frozen 2? Please say yes.

It’s rare to find a kid with that much raw talent. And we’re super glad that Menzel was able to find him at one of her shows. Like she said at the concert, she really “knows how to pick” them. So, when can we buy tickets to his next show? Sign us up!

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