Stop everything: Idina Menzel is (basically) becoming Elsa IRL

Idina Menzel is a queen, we all know that. She’s a Tony Award-winner, a Broadway mega-star, a vocal powerhouse, and, of course, it doesn’t hurt that she provided the voice (and singing pipes) for Disney’s only official animated Queen, Elsa from Frozen. If your heart didn’t melt listening to Idina belt out “Let It Go” (in the movie, at the Oscars, on the radio, take your pick), then you probably need to take a trip to see the trolls, because you’re in an emotional deep freeze.

Part of the magic of Frozen is just how perfect the voice cast was. Can you imagine adorkable Anna being voiced by anyone other than the awkwardly cute Kristen Bell? Of course not. Olaf wouldn’t be the same voiced by anyone but Josh Gad (yes, we wanna build a snowman, but only if he’s that magical and amazing — otherwise, we’re done with this real-life endless winter). And naturally, Elsa wouldn’t be the same if she were voiced by anyone other than the fiercely fabulous Idina Menzel. Idina radiates a queenly quality in real life and she projected all of that royal rad-ness in her portrayal of Elsa.

But now, your wildest Frozen dreams are coming true because Idina is slowly, but surely, morphing into Elsa in real life. We’re not talking about a bewigged performance or Frozen live on Broadway here, we’re talking about actual Idina, in her actual daily life becoming an Elsa doppelganger. No, her eyes aren’t scarily too big for her face and she hasn’t had plastic surgery to achieve Elsa’s unreal-y cute nose. This is an all awesome, zero creep factor transformation, starting with Elsa’s most iconic physical feature: Her cascading blonde locks. Yes: Idina Menzel has gone blonde. You have to see it to believe it. 

I never really made a lookalike connection between Elsa and Idina before, but it’s amazing the difference a change of color can make. As a blonde (and wrapped in Snow Queen-esque fur that we’re guessing is totally faux), Idina is a total Elsa in the making. All she’s missing is a blue gown and epic side braid and she’ll be the real life Elsa of everyone’s dreams because, unlike other princess impersonators, she’ll be able to lead a group sing along of “Let It Go” that will give us enough chills to build an ice castle out of.

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