Why I’d watch a “How I Met Your Mother” spinoff all about Robin Sparkles

There were a lot of great characters on How I Met Your Mother. Seriously, Lily Aldrin and Marshall Eriksen gave us serious relationship goals, Barney Stinson was ridiculously smooth, and Robin Scherbatsky was so into being Canadian we couldn’t help but love her (sorry, Ted Mosby was the worst, so we can’t give him a shoutout). But none of them had ANYTHING on Robin Sparkles.

Robin’s Canadian pop-star alter-ego, Robin Sparkles was ah-mazing. She made the other Robin look so grown up and stuffy every time she was a part of an episode. Even though I’d watch a few different spinoff series from this show, a TV show all about Robin Sparkles is the number one version I’m rooting for and here’s why:


Robin Sparkles is the best character name.

Her name is SO great and deserves its own show. Robin is a cool name to start, but by adding Sparkles to it it’s much more intriguing and you know there is going to be an interesting back story for it.

She would always be singing.

Honestly, I’d tune in just hear “Let’s Go to the Mall’ again, but that wouldn’t be the only tune you’d hear her sing. Imagine all the hilarious songs she’d sing about, especially if it was set in modern times. “Let’s Go to Brunch” maybe?


Canadian cameos.

HIMYM was full of Canadian actors making random cameos when anything had to do with the Robin character, so a show all about Robin Sparkles would warrant way more guest stars. We’re rooting for Ryan Gosling this time around and maybe the Biebs just for a good laugh.

Her dark side.

When Robin Sparkles gets sad the episodes would just get better, because Robin Daggers would come out and that means more songs like “P.S. I Love You.” Plus, you’d see a serious grunge wardrobe change, which would be very cool.


Hockey references galore.

Even if you don’t understand hockey, all the references to the sport would probably make you understand it in no time.

Canada jokes.

Sure, they’d have to bring Barney along to make the hilarious jokes about Canada, but who would be opposed to that?


Reliving the ’80s well into the ’90s and ’00s.

We learn in the episode “Slap-Bet” that Canada didn’t get the ’80s until the mid-’90s. The ’80s were an amazing and kind of crazy era, so bringing it back would be tubular.

American Hoosier Hut.

Since HIMYM had the Hoosier Hut for Robin to go to when she needed a Canadian fix, we’d need an American version in Canada, because obviously that’s where the show would take place.


More Glitter.

We’re not talking about the glitter dust, we’re talking about Nicole Scherzinger’s character Jessica Glitter, aka Robin Sparkles’ BFF. They had their own TV show in Canada where they sang about beavers, but Glitter eventually worked as the organist for a hockey team. Anything we can learn about Glitter on a new show would be much appreciated, duh.

New music videos.

This might be the most important part of a potential Robin Sparkles show… music videos all the time! I wouldn’t be opposed to numerous episodes dedicated to coming up with outrageous video ideas, even though, “Sandcastles in the Sand” will forever be my favorite. It has James Van Der Beek in it for goodness sake!


In case you need more reasons to want a Robin Sparkles spinoff series, we’ll just leave this “Let’s Go to the Mall” video for you to listen to and watch on repeat. You’re welcome.

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