ICYMI: Miley Cyrus put on a disguise to find out what you think of her

Everyone seems to have a lot of feels about Miley Cyrus. She’s a woman whom people love to hate and hate to love or maybe love to love with a ferocity of every comment thread in the nation. She is the goddess/demon who launched a thousand think pieces. She’s a famous person whose tongue may be out too much but who has also made a real commitment to help homeless, LGBTQ and disenfranchised youths. She’s a performer who humped too much at the VMAs one time and made people SO CAPITAL ‘M’ MAD but who also sang ‘Wrecking Ball’ and slayed. She talks about nipples and people get pissed or they worship her for talking about nipples. Haters think she’s attention-needy. Fans think she’s just right. One time she wore pants and the world freaked out. One time she didn’t and the world also freaked out. So basically she wears clothes too much or doesn’t wear them enough. She’s shocking! She’s crazy! She’s a provocateur! You’re so over her! You’re so not!

Anyway, this week in ‘I don’t give f*cks’: Miley Cyrus, who is hosting the VMAs this weekend, went on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ and showed the world that she has a sense of humor about it all.

Here’s the video.