ICYMI: Erykah Badu’s rad new single is dedicated to someone very special

“Hotline Bling” might be the most meme-worthy song of 2015. Not only is it crazy-catchy, but the music video has some of the best dad dancing of all time. It’s no wonder it’s taken off in such a way that we’re seeing it remixed, GIFed, and even mocked on SNL. But people have also taken the song in a more serious direction, like artist Eykah Badu, who recorded her own rendition of the hit a month ago, and who has just released a new song that definitely sounds familiar. Dare we say, it’s a response?

If you listen to “Phone Down,” her most recent single released over on SoundCloud, doesn’t it sound like she’s talking to someone in particular? Repeating the lyric “I could make you put your phone down” after covering a song all about waiting for someone to call makes it pretty clear: “Phone Down” is dedicated to Drake himself. She even put “this ones for Aubrey…” in the SoundCloud description.

This makes sense, since the two have definitely hung out before, as evidenced by when Drake referenced having tea at Erykah’s house in his song “Days In The East.” They talked about love and life, so it sounds like things got pretty real–real enough that they’ve started paying homage to each other in their music.

“Phone Down” will be appearing on Eykah’s forthcoming album “BUT YOU CAINT USE MY PHONE,” which is set to drop on iTunes during Thanksgiving weekend, which seems appropriate, because that’s probably when our family members are going to be making us put our phones down also.

Listen to the full song below!

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