The New Year’s Eve fireworks at Disney World were next-level epic — and you can watch them now

All around the world Saturday night, people welcomed in 2017. There were tons of fabulous fireworks and displays to celebrate, but one of the most stunning was in Disney World. It’s been a big year for Disney Parks, and 2017 promises more new attractions. Naturally, they had to celebrate. Unfortunately, not all of us could be in Orlando to ring in the new year at Disney World, but don’t fret. You can watch the entire, beautiful fireworks display in one stunning video. So we can all experience the Disney magic for ourselves.

Check out the elaborate fireworks display that erupted over Disney World:

The display included countdown numbers written across the sky. The numbers were clearly meant to be seen by the people below, not from the side, but we could definitely make out the 6 in the countdown. Besides, writing anything legibly with fireworks  is pretty impressive.

As the new year began, massive fireworks erupted from over Cinderella Castle. The fireworks were so impressive that they were visible throughout most of Disney World.

The fireworks are a stunning display, and we’re glad we got to see them.

Even if it’s not in person, we love seeing the incredible display. And at least we didn’t have to brave the Disney World crowds.

Of course, we’ve always known that Disney knew how to do some pretty spectacular fireworks.

Here’s to a 2017 full of a little Disney-worthy magic!

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