ICYMI this adorable moment: Ariel Winter and her boyfriend wore matching onesies

There’s nothing better than doing a good Instagram scroll while recovering from all our holiday festivities  — between the massive amounts of delicious food, the tasty adult beverages, and crazy holiday travel, it’s time to put our feet up and relax for a second as the madness dies down. If you happened to miss it while scrolling through your feed, Ariel Winter and her boyfriend wore matching onesies on Christmas and it has us wishing we had done the same.

Even their three adorable dogs got in on the action and suited up in bright red, cozy-looking garments that must have been perfect for spending Christmas day in jammies. Ariel’s boyfriend, Levi Meaden, even donned an adorable Santa hat for peak Christmas cuteness.

Is there anything cozier than footie onesie pajamas? We think not. Now if only we could rustle up an outdoor fire pit for ourselves like Ariel and Levi’s and then we’d truly be living our best lives.

Further investigations show that her entire family got to partake in the Christmas onesie spectacular — what sweet, good sports! If ever there were a time for a family pajama day, it’s Christmas.

Did you and your boo wear matching jammies on Christmas like Ariel Winter and her BF?


Talk about adorable! They look so happy and relaxed.

As if the jammies weren’t good enough, Ariel rocked an absolutely stunning red dress on Christmas as well.


It looks like red satin to us, which is just about as appropriate as it gets for this festive holiday.

From fancy dress to onesie, Ariel looks incredible in both.


Who else can rock two such diametrically opposed looks in one day? It’s a gift.


Are you a onesie queen as well? Few things are as fun as getting all dolled up for the holidays — unless of course it’s getting cozy and hunkering down in our fave pajamas. It really is the best of both worlds.

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