Iconic blonde Paris Hilton is now a brunette, and we can hardly believe it

Some things in our lives seem like constants. The sky is blue. We live on Earth. Paris Hilton is a blonde.

One of these things has suddenly changed.

Are you even ready for it? Iconic blonde Paris Hilton is now a brunette. This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill, people!

The original reality television personality has posted a series of photos on Instagram that have us questioning EVERYTHING. Who is Paris Hilton if not the blonde hotel heiress who coined the catchphrase “that’s hot”?! If someone were to list Paris’s defining characteristics, blonde would be at the tippy-top! Nonetheless, it’s pretty impressive that she can still surprise us after all these years.

Okay, try not to freak out when you see this…

First, Paris is rocking that cheetah Snapchat filter like a G. Second, she looks almost unrecognizable! Obviously she would look great with any hair color, but this charcoal brown shade is just so different from her usual look — we’re pretty shook!

Just look at her out shopping with her new hair. false false

At least Paris is still accompanied by her tiny little pooch. Guess some things never REALLY change.

People are sounding off online

Obviously a lot of people will have opinions about this new look.


Overall, almost everyone agrees that she looks great as a blonde and as a brunette. Is there hope that she might take a stroll around the block as a redhead? Who knows. The world has forever changed and we are just small specks of dust.

The important question is: is this a wig?

We cannot help but wonder if this is just a REALLY good wig. After all, Paris is all about branding and being goldilocks are her brand. Either way, Paris has found a way to surprise us yet again. Long live the queen of the Simple Life.