This hotel made of ice will now be open year-round and it’s so COOL (pun intended)

Part of the fun in traveling comes with booking a room. It’s your home for the time being and the place where you can crash at the end of your long, adventure-filled days. But where you stay can actually determine your ENTIRE trip — at least when it comes to one amazing hotel. A hotel with rooms made of ice, Sweden’s unreal ICEHOTEL is a seriously unique place to get away.

Now, ICEHOTEL announced that it will be offering rooms for guests to book all year-round. So even if it’s sunny outside, it’ll be quite chilly inside (-5C cold to be exact ❄️). Time to get your your winter coat ready and prepare for a super memorable experience!

The Victorian Apartment. Design Luca Roncoroni.
The Victorian Apartment. Design Luca Roncoroni.

In an interview, Icehotel Sweden founder Yngve Bergqvist explained that ICEHOTEL 365 makes sense because there was *so much* demand for a room.

“We have guests from all over the world who asks (sic) if you can visit ICEHOTEL in summer and fall and this project is the result of catering to that demand. With research indicating winters are going to be shorter in the future, we want to create a product that is sustainable environmentally!”

In case you’re wondering, the rooms will be powered by the midnight sun since Jukkasjärvi experiences almost non-stop sunlight during the summer (May and July especially). The hotel is known for its amazing ice sculptures and summer visitors will actually be encouraged to create their own.

Bergqvist first came up with the idea for ICEHOTEl 27 years ago and ICEHOTEL 365 is just another part of his dream. We’re totally in awe of his vision — now we just need to get a few friends together for a chilly night in Sweden.

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