OMG this artsy ice queen hairstyle is the best festive holiday party hair inspo we’ve seen yet

It’s mid-December, and we’re seriously racking up the holiday party invites. We’re so honored (we love getting invited to things!) but we’re totally stressing about what hairstyles to wear to holiday parties. Naturally, we turned to the hair gurus of Instagram, and were lucky enough to come across this absolutely gorgeous hairstyle. It’s giving us serious ice queen vibes in the *best* way.

It’s a perfect combination of artsy and wearable, because nothing is worse than finally deciding on your holiday party hair and then realizing it’s maybe too trendy for you to not be stressing about it. When it comes to finding the perfect holiday party hair, we want something as close to this killer look as possible.

See for yourself! Created by balayage and extension specialist @_anthonyslays and colorist @reneespinale, this straight up screams festive holiday party hair!

Like, check out that glitter! This brings back 2015’s biggest trend, glitter roots, and puts a 2016 twist on ’em with a little help from that neat braid.

This is such an unexpected look, but it’s one we definitely want to give a shot. If you’re not quite ready to go all out with the glitter, just use a little bit less! Either way, you’ll be an absolute stunner, we just know it. We hope you love this new idea for holiday party hair as much as we do!

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