The ice cubes at Kim Kardashian’s baby shower were as extra as she is in the very best way

Just a couple of weeks ago, Kim Kardashian threw a baby shower for her third child, and it was fabulous. The baby shower had a tea party theme, and Keeks left no detail untouched with her brand of glam. Saint and North are getting a little Kardashian-West sibling through surrogacy soon, and the party was full of surprises. So it’s no shock that her baby shower was well-planned and elaborate glam at every opportunity. Yes, even with details so small as ice cubes, Kim’s not afraid of going the extra step and being a little (or a lot) extra. And we love her for it.

This weekend, Kim finally got around to posting some snapshots of the behind-the-scenes details from her baby shower. Fans focused in on the ice cubes, which had what appeared to be dried flowers in them! Some thought maybe they were cherry blossoms, to go with Kim’s baby shower theme. But it looks like they’re actually roses or some other sort of edible flower. Whatever they are, they look so beautiful suspended in ice. It seems like an amazingly decadent treat. Kim K is known for her details, and nothing says details like having even your ice cubes done up to the nines.

Kim Kardashian is clearly obsessed with the #aesthetic.

“Cherry blossom heaven,” she called the party. Fans, however, were a little more all over the place with their reactions.

Some loved it, while others didn’t see the point.


One fan had some truly wild interpretations of what the ice cubes meant.

But there was one reaction that best encompasses how we feel.

Keep doing the most, Kim. We love keeping up with it every step of the way.

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