Thursday in fan theories: Ice Cube is the same character in every movie he’s ever made

Ice Cube is enjoying a long, fulfilling acting career. He might just be the good-luck charm that sparks sequels on top of sequels, too. Seriously, the man has a knack for turning one-off hit movies into franchises. Also, Ice Cube definitely has a type — his characters are always blunt and no-nonsense kinda guys. But, what if there’s a kinda nuanced reason behind why?

The Daily Dot has introduced us to the theory of the Ice Cubiverse, a magical world where all Ice Cube movies take place. “When arranged chronologically, the films create a single continuity, launched by Cube’s 1991 Hollywood debut,” the site explains. “The Ice Cubiverse is a coming-of-age story that follows one man as he escapes his past, travels the world, and ages into dementia.”

Craig Jones in Friday? Yes. Captain Dickinson in 21 Jump Street? Yup. Calvin Palmer in the Barbershop movies? Check. Same guy, every time. It’s a bold theory, but it holds water. Let’s take a look at the timeline of events.

Ice Cube’s first movie was Boyz in the Hood, and though the movie would have you believe Doughboy was killed, the Ice Cubiverse believes he faked his own death and left. He heads to hang with his friend Smokey in Friday and Next Friday, but eventually needs to bounce from L.A. altogether, so he joins the Army. Enter: the Three Kings era of his life in Iraq.

Upon his return to the U.S., Ice Cube works as a military consultant in Hollywood, and then re-enters in a special services unit. This brings us to XXX: State of the Union. But the job proves to be too much, so he starts over and moves to the desert, a la Torque.

The theory goes on and on, and is so well thought out and detailed. You’ve got to read it for yourself. It even incorporates Ice Cube’s Coors Light commercials — seriously genius. Where will he travel next in the Ice Cubiverse?

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