This ice cream is made from wine and omigod can we eat it asap?!

If you’re the type of person who still gets excited at the magical sound of the Ice Cream Truck (and, let’s be honest, who isn’t?), this new concoction will have you totally salivating. The Crossroads Company has just combined ice cream with wine and, in doing so, basically just changed the world as we know it.

Based in Baltimore, this family-owned business has figured out a way to create from scratch a completely unique and absolutely decadent-looking dessert that will make you salivate. They don’t just pour red wine over ice cream like so many of us have tried before. They actually create a wine base that gets mixed in with cream, sugar, and customizable fruits they have available for you to choose from. Once it’s all mixed together, they blast it with liquid nitrogen to instantly freeze it.

It looks exactly how we imagine it tastes… like pure magic.


And while we understand that because there’s a lot of cream, sugar, and alcohol in this goodness, the company has every right to assert, “They are not healthy by any means, but they are absolutely delicious.” But we would like to insist that enjoying life is great for your mental health. And since the existence of Winecream will clearly be very enjoyable, they should still be considered at least a little healthy.

Besides, it’s packed with fruit. Fruit is healthy, right?


Like all things, the key to enjoying this mouth-watering mixture is (of course) moderation. While you’ll (understandably) want to have tons of servings, remember there’s a reason they describe their desserts as both “delicious” and “boozy” as it still has 10% alcohol per serving. So, you know, be reasonable.

Unfortunately, Winecream is only being served in Baltimore and D.C. right now at private parties and events. But with the immediate popularity and clear demand for this tempting treat, it will likely only be a matter of time before it’s available everywhere.

Until then, we shall simply sip our wine and shovel scoops of ice cream separately as we patiently wait for this perfection to come our way.