There is now an ice cream that can get you a little tipsy and we’ve got to try it

What’s better than ice cream and booze? Not much honestly. But how about the two of them together? Combined into one very excellent treat?


Yes, seriously, this is now a thing.

Your Sunday brunch just got a serious makeover!

Ice cream-company Tipsy Scoop is a total game changer, now offering tons of crazy delicious flavors such as ‘tequila Mexican hot chocolate’ and ‘cake batter vodka martini’. We seriously can’t believe such delicious is allowed to exist! They’re NYC based at the moment, but they do ship it around the country so you can get a delicious shipment of boozy ice cream treats no matter where you live!

According to the Huffington Post one serving of their ice cream has an ABV of 5%, which is about equal to a light beer. So the good (or bad) news is you won’t get totally toasty from eating a few scoops of it.

Even cooler, Tipsy Scoop is an all women run business founded by Melissa Tavss in 2013! So delicious, boozy ice cream run on girl power? We seriously can’t get enough of this beautiful, perfect company and their genius invention. Check out some of their perfect flavors from their Instagram below:

Here’s a beautiful picture of their ‘chocolate stout salty pretzel flavor

One lucky customer got Tipsy Scoop to spike their Luke’s Coffee (Lorelai would seriously approve!)

Here is two of their most popular flavors, ‘dark chocolate whiskey salted carmel’ and ‘spiked hazelnut coffee’ in sundae form

We won’t lie, we’re definitely thinking about grabbing dessert a little early today!