This ice cream sounds like the most delicious hangover cure yet

When we’re paying the price for a night of drinking (responsibly, of course), we’re typically told to look to things like greasy food, copious amounts of water, and ibuprofen for hangover help. But, what if we told you that a certain ice cream out there is all you’d need to keep your hangover at bay? Sounds like something that belongs in a Harry Potter book, right?

Well, the good news is that such an ice cream actually exists! It was created in South Korea, a country that’s home to about 1.6 million alcoholics. It’s also where people drink an average of 14 shots of hard liquor a week. That would explain why, according to Munchies, South Korea’s hangover cure industry rakes in around $125 million per year. Now, it may make even more thanks to the Gyeondyo-bar.


“Gyeondyo-bar” translates to “hang in there” and it’s being produced by convenience store chain Withme FS to comfort all the employees out there who have to work alongside their hangover. The bar itself is grapefruit-flavored and contains a bit of oriental raisin tree fruit juice. Since the 1600s, this ingredient has been used to cure hangovers and, in 2012, a study in The Journal of Neuroscience proved that the juice could alleviate hangover effects in rats. false

This ice cream is especially important because it could financially help out South Korea. Since South Koreans drink about 12.3 liters of booze every year, this has led to an $8 billion loss in medical costs, early deaths, and lost productivity at work. It will definitely be interesting to see if a simple ice cream bar can help to reduce some of these issues.


Now, the only question is: When will the Gyeondyo-bar make its way across the world? Because we could all use the reminder to “hang in there” every once in a while.

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