These gorgeous ice castles make China look like a winter wonderland

The 32nd annual Harbin International Snow and Ice Festival, taking place in China’s north-eastern province of Heilongjiang, is officially underway today. The Festival, famous for its breathtaking ice architecture, attracts visitors from all over the world — and organizers say they expect over a million visitors this year.

While these are stunning pieces of ice architecture in and of themselves, they’re even cooler (get it? cause it’s cold!) at night when they’re lit up.

A lot of the ice sculptures are modeled after famous Chinese landmarks, but some are also influenced by architecture from their Russian neighbor to the north.

In addition to the massive ice buildings, which visitors can walk and climb on, some artists focused on smaller sculptures with incredibly intricate details.

And just how do they keep the ice from melting you ask? Really cold weather: In January, average temperatures during the day is -9 degrees Fahrenheit!

The festival is expected to last until February, when the ice will start to melt.