Could there be an “iCarly” reunion in the works? Miranda Cosgrove hopes so!

Carly Shay is achieving Internet fame once again, but this time, it’s not for her video series.

Miranda Cosgrove, the actress who played Carly on iCarly, recently appeared on AOL Build and admitted that she would “love to do a reunion.”

Whoa, rewind! This is exactly what Miranda said during a Q&A with the audience:

Good point, Miranda!

At a time when revivals of classic shows (Hello, Gilmore Girls and Fuller House!) are super popular, we can’t help but hope that Nickelodeon hears these pleas for an iCarly reunion. The gang has been getting together unofficially anyway! Miranda is currently in school at the University of Southern California, but maybeee she can carve out some time between classes.

We bet Carly misses being an Internet sensation!

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