This “iCarly” actor is getting ready to have a baby

When actors appear in our favorite childhood TV shows or movies, they kind of become cemented in time for us, and it’s weird for us to see them all grown up. Case in point? Freddie from iCarly is going to be a dad. That’s right, Nathan Kress just announced on Instagram that he’s going to have a baby. It was bad enough when Nathan Kress got married, but now Freddie Benson is going to be a parent?? We can’t deal.

Nathan married his wife, London Elise Kress, in 2015 — when he was 22 years old. If it’s not bizarre enough that the teen technical producer of iCarly is now a married man, he’s upping the ante with his baby-on-the-way announcement.

Nathan had fun with his post — even going so far as to be in actual London in order to make a pun about his wife’s name, since he wrote:

"Me and my baby in London. Me, and my baby in London. Me. And my baby IN --->LONDON <--- Get it?? Mommy and daddy are thrilled to announce Baby Kress, arriving January 2018."

London’s announcement — also featuring the couple in front of Big Ben — is far less punny but just as sweet. (Plus, it suggests that she’s having plenty of morning sickness in her first trimester, so we’re feeling for her.)

Based on baby pictures that Nathan and London have shared on Instagram, they’re going to have one cute kid. Although we already knew Nathan was a cute kid from his Nickelodeon days.

So even though we feel super old, we are happy for Nathan and his wife. Congrats to the growing family!