Ian Somerhalder might be following Nina Dobrev’s lead and quitting “The Vampire Diaries”

If fans of the The Vampire Diaries are shaking their Magic 8 Balls in hopes of gaining clarity, answers are hazy. Outlooks unclear.

In recent weeks, things were looking up for fans of the CW show. In mid-March, CW President Mark Pedowitz announced it was renewing the show for an eighth season. However, rumors are swirling that leading actor Ian Somerhalder will be leaving the show after the current season to focus on making movies.


Even though 37 year-old Somerhalder, who plays Damon Salvatore on the show, has not officially commented on his rumored departure, fans are worried. Many fans would love nothing more than for the show to end with Damon marrying Elena, who was played by Somerhalder’s real life ex-girlfriend Nina Dobrev. Despite Dobrev’s exit from the show after the sixth season, TVD viewers were hoping the 27 year-old actress would reprise her role in order to play out this dream happy ending. But if Somerhelder follows Dobrev’s lead and quits the show, the outlook is not good for Damon or Elena. Other emerging, potential plot lines involve death sentences, evil spells and beloved characters living out lonely, unhappy lives.

So Vampire Diaries fans, keep shaking the Magic 8 Ball. At some point, answers will arrive. Unfortunately last time I tried, all I got was “cannot predict now.”

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