Ian Somerhalder carried wife Nikki Reed’s breast pump all night at the 2018 Golden Globes

You may want to make sure you’re sitting down for this one. Why? Because Ian Somerhalder carried around Nikki Reed’s breast pump at a 2018 Golden Globes celebration and we are clapping our hands.

Now that you’ve had a sec to catch your breath, let’s get down to it. According to PopSugar, Reed posted a photo of Somerhalder holding the pump on her Instagram story. Her caption says it all: “Takes a real man to carry around your breast pump in a ‘to go’ box all night.” Reed also included some illustrative emojis, including prayer hands and praise hands, to show how much she appreciated the gesture.

This past summer, Reed gave birth to a daughter, and the couple hit the red carpet for the first time since becoming parents in September. They might be new to this whole “raising a child” thing, but it seems they’ve got it down already.

It’s great to see Somerhalder really leaning into fatherhood.

Does that look like a box from Whole Foods or what? Allow us to cherish the vision of these two being ultra-resourceful and swiping an extra container from the salad station for breast pump storage.

Somerhalder also posted this sweet photo (taken by Lea Michele, if his caption is to be believed) from the event and revealed that he skipped the red carpet due to some outfit troubles.

"Crazy wardrobe day... Moths ate my 1st Tux, then I ripped this one- so no red carpet for me with this amazing woman... Golden Globes is truly a fun time Goodnight ya’ll. #TimesUp 😉 Photo Cred @leamichele


Major heart eyes for these two!