Ian Somerhalder is literally begging for some privacy (and that’s totally reasonable)

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed are a vampire fan fiction come to life. The couple said “I do” in a romantic Malibu wedding ceremony a little over a month ago and have since been traveling the world together, enjoying a honeymoon in Brazil, and now spending time in Paris. However, the Vampire Diaries star and Twilight alum can’t seem to get any privacy.

Yesterday, when a group of fans greeted the newly-weds, Ian asked them to please leave. One of the fans took a video and posted it to Twitter, but it has since been deleted. According to People, Ian “was clearly conflicted” about how to ask the group to leave him and his wife alone.

“I love you guys. I’m not taking a single photo today. It’s my day,” he told said. When they did not stop asking for his attention, the actor continued, “”Don’t follow us, please. I love you guys. Do not follow us. Okay? It’s too much.”

Ian clearly wanted to let his fans knows that he cares about them, but it’s crazy that he had to beg them to let him and his wife have a day to themselves. When celebrities work in the public eye so often, it can be hard to remember that they are real people with real feelings. Everyone deserves to have their alone time respected. It would be horrifying if a bunch of people started taking pictures of you and your S.O. on a date! Considering how invasive the situation was, Ian handled it in a seriously classy way.Nikki and Ian have been very generous in sharing bits of their private lives with their huge fanbase. Only a few days ago, Nikki posted a beautiful compilation of footage from their wedding on Instagram.

The super sweet caption reads, “You are / My every dream brought to life / We are / A cosmic collision / This is / A lifetime felt in every moment I’m by your side / My love / My human…happy one month.”

Ah, yes. It’s so much better to think about true love than about celebrities getting bothered on the street.

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