Watch Ian McKellen get proposed to on Vine!

Today is a huge day for the country: the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that no state in the US can legally ban same-sex marriage and all 50 states must recognize same-sex unions. In other words, same-sex marriages are, across the board, legal in the USA.  And all of us have been celebrating this victory all day, our Facebook and Twitter and Instagram feeds gloriously splattered with rainbow flags and avatars. Then things got more awesome, when Ian McKellen took to Vine to express his support and jubilation.

McKellen—who came out as gay in 1988 and has been a longtime activist for LGBTQ+ equality—along with actor/director Derek Jacobi posted a couple of Vines to Buzzfeed with Queen’s “We are the Champions” blasting in the background. In the first Vine, McKellen and Jacobi throw confetti in the air (like they just don’t care), exclaiming “Well done, Supreme Court! About time you join the rest of us!” In the other Vine, Jacobi “proposes” to McKellen, who responds, “I will, I will, now I can.” Both are wearing Stonewall Inn t-shirts (a tribute to a New York bar that started the gay rights movement), and McKellen is wearing a snazzy fedora with a rainbow trim.

This Sunday, you’ll find these two in Manhattan’s Gay Pride March, since they are the event’s grand marshals. Both actors have been LGBTQ+ advocates for quite some time, and star in the British sitcom, Vicious, a show about a gay couple and their tumultuous relationship.

You can watch McKellen and Jacobi celebrate the amazing news here:

(Image via Vine)

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