And now, Ian McKellen teaches all of us how to properly make the best scrambled eggs

Ian McKellen, who you might know as the mighty and wise Gandalf or the fearsome and cunning Magneto (or his new role as Sherlock Holmes in Mr. Holmes), is an exceptional actor, LGBTQ+ advocate, and human being. And guys. He also knows how to make a tasty batch of eggs. And we know this, because McKellen posted a video to Facebook titled “Ian McKellen’s Scrambled Eggs on Toast” today.

“You’re lucky because these are the best scrambled eggs in the world,” says our favorite wizard. Oh we KNOW we are lucky. Plus, one can never have too many scrambled eggs recipes on file.

As you watch the clip, the first thing you’ll notice is that he whips out a pan —no skillet for this actor/mutant/GOURMET CHEF! But then he throws some other curveballs:

  1. He cracks the eggs directly in the pan.
  2. He adds half and half.
  3. And a lil glob of butter.

He adds all your regular seasonings too, like salt and pepper (I’d also recommend garlic powder, but I’m no Golden Globe winner), and mixes it all over heat.

As he mixes, he posits that the more you stir, the creamier the eggs, so get a-whiskin’. He scrambles away and it really is mesmerizing. When the eggs start to take shape, he advises viewers to take them off the heat just before you think they’re ready, as the residual heat will help them cook that last little bit.

He takes his masterpiece and plops it on to two pieces of toast before chowing down, giving us an unmistakable Sir Ian McKellen wink. Ah, it’s truly the simple things.

Though you never need a specific reason to cook up some scrambled eggs, you might be asking why Ian McKellen has taken it upon himself to teach us (besides the fact that this human man is a saint and blessing on this earth). As he explains on his Facebook, it’s just a little treat for his fans to celebrate the success of his latest film Mr. Holmes, which tells the story of what happens after Sherlock Holmes has retired. You can catch the film in theaters now, and you can catch these eggs in my belly, tonight, as a midnight snack. Nom.


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