‏@IAMLILBUB : “The Cutest Cat In The World”

Move over BooLil Bub is here! She is the happy (and HEALTHY) little “perma-kitten” with extra toes on each foot and no teeth. Recently her photos and videos have become so popular, she scored a book deal!

But don’t expect to see her clothes or hats because according to her website:
Lil BUB has a strict rule of being naked at all times. This means she will not wear silly hats, scarfs, or ridiculous outfits that belong on dolls. She will occasionally make an exception for capes, though, because capes are awesome.

She is also a fan of Parks & Rec and would like to become the official Pawnee Mascot. (RIP LIL SEBASTIAN!)

So enjoy Lil Bub is all her cuteness:


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