#IAmAllWoman is the body positive campaign we’ve been waiting for, and we’re here for it

Today in feminist news that’ll make your heart totally sing, models Charli Howard and Clémentine Desseaux are kicking off an incredible body positive campaign to celebrate all women. “For women, by women. Helping all females feel represented!” the instagram reads, and we’re *so* on board with this campaign, you guys!


The All Woman Project seeks to curate photos of women as they are using #IAmAllWoman, and it’s pretty amazing.

“We really want the media to celebrate women of all shapes and sizes and to stop training girls to think they have to be these white, skinny, tall, beauty ideals,” Howard told SELF. “Everyone looks completely different, and we need to embrace that and start really encouraging it more in fashion images.”

We *love* that this project is about challenging standards that put women down for their race and their body type, since so many project miss out on the role of colorism in how we feel about ourselves and are treated.


“This is the type of campaign we always wish to be part of but never really are,” Desseaux told SELF. “We just wanted to showcase as much diversity and as much beauty as we could in one single campaign, and it’s been really amazing seeing all the girls on set together. They really want to make the industry better and put out there this diverse image of beauty, not only for themselves and women but also for the next generation coming up.”[/subheader]

Ugh, we’re so on board. Just, like, yes.

“When you’re in a room full of women who aren’t completely oiled up and Photoshopped and stuff, you just realize how normal your body is,” Howard explained to SELF. “So if you imagine if more brands and campaigns featured girls of all different sizes, more girls would realize that as well.”[/subheader]

Watch the video below!


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