Why I would’ve picked Jess out of all of Rory’s boyfriends on “Gilmore Girls”

Obviously Lorelai and Rory are the greatest, they really are, but when it comes to Rory’s boyfriends it isn’t always so cut and dry on who you’d choose. Many people are obsessed with Dean Forester, because he’s a hottie who has that boy next door vibe. Other people are huge fans of Logan Huntzberger, who was douchy, yes, but he was also totally in love with Rory. I however, would’ve picked Jess Mariano.

Seriously, he had it all and he was so under the radar at the time that some Gilmore Girls fans overlooked him. Not me, I have always been in Jess’s corner. Come on, his face and leather jacket alone earn him major hotness points in my book. To see why Jess was the best of Rory’s BFs and probably should’ve ended up with her, read on.


Ah, his looks. That face. That hair. So much hotness.

Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty. Jess didn’t have much, but he was loyal to those around him. His relationship with his uncle Luke proves how much he really could love and how loyal he could be, even if he messed up along the way.

He was ridiculously protective. In addition to getting into a fight with Dean (when Dean thought Rory was in trouble, it lead to an all out brawl between the guys, but whatever), he also stood up for Rory when Dean dumped her. Dean broke up with her at the 24-hour dance marathon and Jess followed Rory and called him a jerk, which he totally was.


Walmart employe of the month. No matter what you think about Jess he was a really hard worker. Sure, he should’ve finished high school and not worked as hard, but he was determined to make money on his own, which he did.

Sprinkler savior. Remember when Rory couldn’t get the sprinklers at her neighbors house to shut off and Jess came to the rescue? Ya, he was the best. Oh and he also turned the sprinklers back on, because Dean was on his way, and he was Rory’s boyfriend at the time. That’s a true hero. Side note: He still look dreamy all drenched.


Jess was actually super smart. He might’ve been bad at school, but that’s only because he was over it and smarter than your average high school kid. Jess was always reading, and reading is sexy. It just is.

The swan incident. Jess showed he was flawed when he was attacked by a swan and didn’t want to tell anyone. He wasn’t as big of a tough guy as he came off as, which was endearing and hilarious.

Big gestures in understated ways. Although Jess didn’t like to show too much emotion, when it came to Rory aka the woman he loved (in my mind and probably yours he loved you too!), he pulled out all the stops, in his own unique way. He did magic tricks, held an umbrella over Rory when the diner was leaking and he wrote notes in the margins of the books she had. It was dorky, sure, but romantic nonetheless.


He totally challenged Rory. Because he was well-read and he didn’t fit the normal Stars Hollow mold he was a challenge for Rory and made her better. She obviously made him better as well and isn’t that what love is really about? I wouldn’t say no to an intellectual conversation with Jess, that’s for sure.

Bad boy persona. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, that leather jacket… swoon. Plus, Jess’s carefree attitude simply masked his heart of gold, which made him a total catch.

He was a total jokester. Seriously, Jess was full of fun lines and witty retorts, which is why he was the perfect match for the quick-witted Rory. Plus, who doesn’t like someone who can make you laugh?


The basket auction. Despite being antisocial and hating all-things Stars Hollow, Jess beat out Dean for Rory’s basket and was willing to eat the terrible food that was in it. He would’ve done anything for her and that is admirable in my book.

Life wasn’t easy on him, but he overcame everything. Sure Jess was an emotional wreck at some points and he had daddy issues, but when it counted he was there for his family and friends and he became a real success story.

He wrote a freaking book! Hello, he was actually so accomplished as a person, but no one ever gave him credit.


Jess always expected more from Rory. In season six, when Rory had given up on school, Jess saw her and he called her out on her choices, because he always wanted what was best for her, which made me love him even more. In case you forgot, his speech went like this: “I know you better than anyone. This isn’t you. What are you doing? Living at your grandparents place, being in the DAR, no Yale… why did you drop out of Yale?” Ya, Rory, why did you drop out?!

That dreamy smirk. Not only did Jess have a pretty face and hot bod, but he had that smile that made you go weak in the knees. So dreamy!


He was so freaking charming. Come on, everything he did was charming, minus the car accident and, you know, when he left without telling Rory. Besides those things, Jess was always swooping in, making sarcastic comments and being adorable. Somehow all of these things just added to his charm and made him better.

Kisses. You can’t tell me that you didn’t want Jess to kiss you like this at least a once while watching Gilmore Girls?


Jess was a bad boy, who had a lot stacked against him, but in reality he was a total dreamboat. He was the only boyfriend of Rory’s that I would’ve dated. Okay, Dean and Logan were hot too, but they weren’t Jess!

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