A book of hand-drawn childhood memories everyone can relate to

Let’s be real, the entire time I had a subscription to the New Yorker, I pretty much only read the cartoons. And of the cartoons, I pretty much only read those drawn by my favorite cartoonist, who signs his work BEK. Cut to now, and that very man (known in real life as Bruce Eric Kaplan) has written a memoir about his childhood that everyone needs to read.

Of course, this is no ordinary memoir. Instead of a heavy tome about growing up and getting older, BEK’s I Was a Child: A Memoir gives us his life in snippets: little observations, bits of conversation, fragmented memories, and, of course, his trademark illustrations. Here’s a sampling:

It’s a book of small moments, evocative surprises, and dark humor. I laughed and cried and I’m pretty sure you will too.

Check out the trailer, narrated by BEK, and chock full of beautiful drawings.

I Was a Child: A Memoir, by Bruce Eric Kaplan, $17.74, Amazon.com

(Images via Amazon)

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