I used wine corks in place of hair curlers and the results were pretty amazing

There are two things I can watch until my eyes bleed, YouTube beauty and hair tutorials and Ryan Gosling interviews. I’ve seen a ton of weird and insanely cool makeup and hair hacks — I am an associate beauty editor after all, so I see them on the daily. I’ve seen vloggers curl their hair with Cheetos, tampons (sounds crazy but it works), and plastic spoons! I know that my little hair hack sounds just as insane as the others I just mentioned, but I must admit, it ~actually~ works!

One night, I was having a glass of wine at my friend’s house and I started joking that I should curl my hair with wine stoppers. I guess jokes have a little truth to them because I just HAD to know if it would work. And now I’m here to show you how to achieve lust-worthy curls, all thanks to my fave hack — a wine cork.

Grab yourself a glass of wine, pop in Clueless, and get ready to have some fun!

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What I used:

Winery Grade Natural Cork Stopper from Amazon, $8.95


Double Prong Metal Alligator Hair Clips from Amazon, $5.49


Step 1: Brush your hair and get ready to get creative with wine corks


Step 2: Part your hair and grab small sections to curl hair


Because I have thick and long hair, I had to part my hair into really small sections. You don’t have to part your hair perfectly because it will all come together in the end.

Step 3: Roll up the wine corks


Once you’ve parted your hair, start grabbing small sections of your hair to roll up. The wine stoppers are only so big, so I grabbed about 1-inch strands. Side note: It does take some getting used to because the wine corks roll down so easily (since they aren’t meant for curling).

Step 4: Clip the wine corks with the metal hair clips


I used about two hair clips to keep the wine stoppers from falling — I used one on top and clipped one on the bottom. It’s kind of tricky, so you’ll have to work with your hair and the wine cork to make sure that it doesn’t roll down.

Step 5: Time to wait for these wine corks to curl my hair


Because I have a lot of hair, I ended up using the entire bag of wine corks! I look like a little old lady, but it’s time to sit and wait for these babies to curl my hair! I’m not gonna lie, it took me about 20 mins to get all of these wrapped around my hair. You can also add hairspray during this time, or if you want more loose waves, you can add the hairspray last. I used L’Oréal’s Elnett Satin Strong Hold Hair Spray ($14.99).

Step 6: Let your hair curl for about 20 to 30 mins


I started this tutorial around 2 p.m., so now I’m just browsing Netflix to kill 30 mins! Of course, I grabbed a glass of wine and got extra comfy on my bed. Disclaimer: I put on Clueless, even though it’s longer than half an hour!

Step 7: Once the 20 or 30 mins are up, start unrolling


Surprisingly, the wine corks ~actually~ curled my hair. However, because I have thick hair, there were a few strands that didn’t curl as much. Also, I’m not gonna lie, taking out the metal clips really pulls your hair. Be extra careful!

Step 8: The big reveal


I LOVE the way my hair turned out. I added L’Oréal’s Boost It High Life Creation Spray, $4.99 for more volume (because I’m extra) and OGX’s Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco, $7.99 for a little bit of shine! While I wish the curls lasted all day, I will say my hair fell flat once it was time for dinner, which I had around 8 p.m.

Close up:


So, will I be doing this again? Heck yes! No curling iron or old school rollers have given me this much volume or fullness!

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