The first “I, Tonya” teaser has arrived, and Margot Robbie sticks the landing as the infamous figure skater

You all know Tonya Harding, the infamous figure skater believed to have planned the 1994 attack on competitor Nancy Kerrigan. She ultimately plead guilty to conspiring to hinder the prosecution in the attack and was banned from all amateur skating — and more than 20 years later, she still continues to be scrutinized.

But you don’t know Margot Robbie as Tonya Harding — that is, until now.

Because the first teaser for I, Tonya just dropped and holy shit, Robbie plays a *very* convincing Harding. From the accent to the attitude, Robbie sticks the landing. (I’ve seen 30 for 30: The Price of Gold about a thousand times, so trust me on this.)

In the teaser, we get a look at Robbie as Harding in what appears to be her performance at the 1991 Figure Skating U.S. Championships in which she became the first U.S. woman *ever* to land a triple axel in competition.

"America, they want someone to love, but they want someone to hate," she narrates, as she prepares for the jump. "The haters always say, 'Tonya, tell the truth.' There's no such thing as truth. I mean, it's bullshit."

Dear lord, I can’t wait for this movie.

And it gets even better, because we get a look at the always stellar Allison Janney as Harding’s mother LaVona Golden and Sebastian Stan as Harding’s then-husband Jeff Gillooly — who plead guilty to racketeering in connection with the attack and spent time in prison as a result.

I, Tonya lands in theaters on December 8th and you bet we’re counting down the days.

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